you can’t be Koraline because she’s a huge bitch

you can’t be Koraline because she’s a huge bitch

every time you read this tumblr a tree dies….think of the trees! stop reading this!

it’s about time you stop reading this tumblr full of nonsenses  and do something better, dunno, like learning to knit or that origami thing you always wanted to do but you are just too lazy to try it,  just saying…

and that’s when everything went to hell


the END is neigh!

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

some days ago (wow! it feels like you have been inside this laboratory for months!) you received a strange package containing a lot of top secret documents about something called “THE INFINITY PROJECT”.
the first weird thing is that the package also contained a lot of guns, maps, medical stuff and this sweet SWAT disguise. the second weird thing is that the pony who send the package is dead! (you know it because you were at her funeral and stuff) and the third totally weird thing is that the package was sent 1 year from now…
at first you thought this was a bunch of bollocks but after reading the letter inside you recognized a lot of familiar names who you knew were involved in serious conspiracies (including some members from the royal family).

if this shit was real (and now you are totally sure of it) , Equestria as we know it could be wiped out of existence…FOREVER!


you are again that SWAT pony and it seems that you finally managed to evade all the security personnel (including a yellow dragon) and reached your goal in what looks like a underground laboratory specially designed to contain a massive Magical weapon known as “the INFINITY project.
of course you know all about this because it’s your mission to know all about the INFINITY project and stop it once and for all before it awakens.
you are not exactly sure of how to do that. All the way down here you were hoping to find a big red self destruct button or something and-…oh well, look at that!